Don’t you feel at home in the established religions. Do you feel lost in a chaotic world? Do you feel that the Nordic region is in your heart, and therefore the Nordic Asa-community is probably something for you?

Here you will find equals working together to bring Asatro back to a position that affects society. With an asavisir and an approach that stretches back, and past our ancestors who shaped and created the Nordic region that we all remember and have read about. The Nordic region we love and have in our hearts.

Roots that permeate our entire society and approach. Roots and beliefs that bind us together and that are the cornerstones of a society with asatro. Being a member of the Church of Sweden costs an average income earner in Sweden approximately SEK 2,200-3,500 per year, on top of which there is a funeral fee that is mandatory.

We are far below that level, but for practical reasons cannot currently be percentage-based. Now that we have registered with the Chamber of Deputies, we will apply to receive the membership fee on the tax instead.

To become a member, it is important that you read our statutes and Asavisir and that you accept them.

What do you get then as a member apart from strengthening the Communitie’s influence in society?

We have two different memberships, Lifetime Membership and Annual Membership.

As a Lifetime Member, you get access to:

  • Attend Goderingen’s annual meeting and other events.
  • Blót’s organized by NAS/NAC blót kindreds and by the community.
  • The Þing (Thing) and the right to vote, which is organized every two years.
  • Various events organized by the community, the district’s and the blót kindred’s.
  • Previous access to the member magazine Valknut which is published 6 times / year.
  • Member forum
  • Discounted prices for our services such as weddings, naming, funerals.

Lifetime membership applies for life or until you choose to leave. If you want to end your membership, this is done by emailing us at [email protected]

As an Annual Member, you get access to:

  • Blots organized by NAS kindreds and the Community.
  • The þing (Thing) and the right to vote, which is organized every two years.
  • Various events organized by the community, the district and the kindreds.
  • The member magazine Valknuten which is published 6 times / year.
  • Member forum
  • Discounted prices for our services such as weddings, naming, funerals.

Annual membership is valid for one year at a time with automatic sending of renewal via e-mail. You have no notice period, but can when you want to end your membership by emailing us at [email protected]

For the present, an annual membership is only 30 USD and lifetime membership 286 USD.

(Approximately depending on the exchange rate)

Become a member now so that together we can strengthen asatro, Nordic history and heritage in modern times. Let our history no longer fall into oblivion. Let us get help to regain the former greatness and inner strength through religion, culture and tradition.

Payment method:

Credit card payment.

You can pay by credit or debit card from VISA, Mastercard or American Express. Your card transaction is sent encrypted through Stripe, which is our provider of card payment solutions. This allows you to pay securely without being afraid that your card information will go astray. Card numbers are not stored by the Nordic Asa-community after the transaction has been completed.

Google Pay is a fast and easy way to make card payments with your Android phone.

To become part of the Nordic Asa-community:

  1. Choose payment method. (Skip to point 2 if payment method is not visible)
  2. Select membership.
  3. Fill in the form with your details.
  4. Pay the membership fee.
Årsmedlemskap | Annual Membership
Medlemskap Årsvis (Förnyas varje år) Membership Annually (Renewed every year)
269 kr (30 USD approximately, depending on the exchange rate)
Livstidsmedlemskap | Lifetime Membership
Medlemskapet gäller livet ut. (Engångskostnad) Membership applies for life. (One-time cost)
2500 kr ( 286 USD approximately, depending on the exchange rate)

Supporting for you who are part of another community outside the heathen sphere.
Is there the opportunity to support us that does not affect other memberships.
As a supporter, you state the actual amount you want to contribute and state the word SUPPORT on the payment.

This does NOT apply to membership in the Nordic Asa-community, membership in the community is done via the form above.

Support Asatro and support the Nordic Asa community via:
Paypal: [email protected]
Swedish Bank account: 556-3002
Swish: 123 097 20 91


The Nordic Asa-community complies with the Swedish Distance Selling Act. This means a 14-day right of withdrawal from the submitted application. Which is the practice for distance contracts.
In case of regret after paid membership, we charge an administrative fee of SEK 69 for refund of membership.


If you regret the membership within these 14 days, it must be informed in writing via e-mail to [email protected]
In that email, the name and address must be stated and that the right of withdrawal is claimed.

For other questions or thoughts about membership and when leaving the community.
Please send email to: [email protected]